4Matrix is provided by New Media Learning Ltd, the largest independent data solutions provider to secondary schools in the UK.

They offer a powerful combination of tools to support both schools and their Trusts in obtaining the maximum value from their performance data. Intuitive dashboards, interactive charts and tables, pupil photo reports, seating plans and a unique approach to ‘Assessment Without Levels’ are just some of the many exceptional features included with the 4Matrix package.

4Matrix Desktop is the essential software system, helping over 1200 secondary schools to better-understand their performance data, improve pupil outcomes and ‘close the gap’. Analyse, compare, forecast and report on the performance of subjects, the progress made by different groups of pupils, the consistency and impact of teaching, and key school performance indicators.

It is the free web-based add-on to compliment the Desktop application, granting access to key features online, from anywhere, on any device. As well as its premier performance analysis system for Multi-Academy Trusts and their schools, 4Matrix Desktop provides a clear picture of school performance across the Trust, reporting on attainment, progress and subjects. Fusion will support your Trust’s data strategy, promoting an action-research approach to school improvement.

Why Does Your School Need It?

  • 4Matrix is the most powerful system available to manage the performance of pupils across their subjects.
  • It can help school leaders to demonstrate Outstanding Leadership through the use of performance data.
  • It will reveal a huge amount of extra information from the information stored in your school MIS.
  • Easily import data from Arbor, Bromcom and SIMS using an in-built extraction tool, and spreadsheets.
  • Process your examination results on-screen and into printable reports on Exam Results Day in minutes.
  • Identify key groups of pupils, provide evidence of the impact of interventions, including Pupil Premium.

Why is 4Matrix Essential for Managing Pupil Progress?

  • 4Matrix offers a sophisticated Progress 8 performance tool which supports modelling of Progress 8 predictions.
  • Their KS3 ‘Curriculum-Driven Assessment’ (CDA) system produces automatic Progress Graphs and reports on what pupils are learning.
  • The Transition Matrices tool will produce photo-reports to show the progress made by pupils in any category.
  • KS5 Value Added tool helps to ensure target setting is effective in leading to positive Value Added for all pupils.

How Can 4Matrix Help Schools Support Effective Teaching?

  • Teachers can investigate learning effectiveness across their classes through an action-research approach.
  • 4Matrix will provide quantitative evidence to support Gap Analysis and the impact of interventions for groups of pupils.
  • Tools such as the Subject Profile and Subject Overview provide comparisons in impact between subjects and teaching groups.

How Can Your School Get Started With 4Matrix?

Getting started is simple. Senior school staff can order 4Matrix from the Sign Up link and have it up and running the same day. You will get the first month free and you can cancel your order if not completely satisfied.